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Condomania, America's first condom store, was established June 1991, in New York City. Condomania strives to assist customers of every age, sex, culture, and sexual orientation in the purchase of condoms and safer-sex products. Gone are the days of embarrassing drug store horror stories. Fading fast are those last-minute latex introductions. Today, women and men are becoming educated and proud customers of condoms, dams and lubricants. Condomania's innovative online boutique features over 100 condoms from around the world, merchandised by style to help the customer choose from the variety products available. Condomania also markets scores of gift and novelty items that can be used to help initiate the discussion or enhance the practice of safer-sex.

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Our Vision - What we Stand for

At Condomania, we believe that the best way for the public to make educated choices about safer-sex products is through access to accurate, non-judgmental information. Our focus on education enables customers to feel comfortable asking questions and sharing ideas. We provide training to insure that the employees offer a supportive and friendly sounding board for customers' concerns. Condomania's vision is crucial to the prevention of unwanted pregnancies and sexually transmitted diseases, including HIV and AIDS. Our employees are trained to take complicated medical terminology, vague sexual innuendos and misinformation that often surround the discussion of sexually transmitted diseases, and translate these into clear and practical information that can be utilized.

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Contribution - Latex & Real Life

Over the years, Condomania has made a difference in the lives of many concerned customers. The week following Magic Johnson's announcement of his HIV status, a group of mothers asked our employees to teach their sons how to use condoms. In New York, we participated in a Planned Parenthood conference on AIDS prevention for professionals from developing countries throughout Asia, Africa, and the Caribbean. In San Francisco, we helped 150 members of a stripper's union incorporate the love of latex into their acts. Needing information about the new polyurethane condom, the Director of the CDC California AIDS Clearinghouse invited Condomania to speak at a conference attended by the state's Advisory Council Members. Nationwide, hundreds of teenagers continue to confide in our employees their apprehensions and concerns about their first sexual experiences. Encounters like these remind us of the important role we play in helping people negotiate complicated decisions about sexual activity in the midst of a health epidemic. We are proud to have started a condom revolution and are committed to assisting our customers into a safer tomorrow.

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