A Science Fiction/Fantasy Journey

The day I opened my first science fiction comic, I was hooked. I wanted to be an artist. I wanted to make art like those artists did. Their imaginations were out of this world and catapulted me into fantastic sci fi sagas that could only live in the imagination. The characters and stories in sci fi books had a no holds barred feel to them. There was no limit to what could be in the mind.

So, I set out to be an artist. In no time I realised I had a little talent and I loved looking at the finished work and thinking, 'I can't believe I did that...wow!'

After high school the reality of life settled on me like a dirty stinking wet rag. I was drafted into the army and when my time was over, nothing seemed to make sense. I was so intent on surviving in a world that only seemed to value money. I could not find the time, money or motivation to educate myself to do something deemed useful to society.

Then the marriages and the kids came along. That made the mundane pursuit of money even more acute. Many people will say that there must be something wrong with that guy. The pursuit of money can be very exciting and rewarding. Well...I agree, but for me, I have always hit a blank wall when it came to making money. I think many creative people are plagued by the same problem. All I wanted to do was paint and the whole money thing was like an irritating wet fly that kept landing on the same spot and wouldn't go away.

I tried everything I thought I could, but my journey became more and more littered with the debris of failed projects and broken dreams. I even managed to do a year of fine arts at University, but once again, life forced me back on the treadmill. I also realised that I did not have the makings of a successful fine artist.

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There came a day while brainstorming with a musician friend, where I invented a small animated character that I would use for his album cover. He was christened with the name of Coda and appeared on two CD covers. Needless to say, this project faded into the grey mist with limited success.

Coda however, remained with me and began to take on a life of its own. I was toying with the idea of a graphic novel with a science fiction theme, but my writing was dismal at best. Writing was for other people. Educated intellectual types. Writing science fiction was for experts who knew everything about sci fi and had a firm grounding in science. I couldn't even spell properly, never mind grammar and all that sort of thing.

I was encouraged to give it a go, so I decided to do a writers course and did quite well. I then embarked on the science fiction trilogy of Coda. The first book is called XN5 and it took five years to write...I hope you like it.

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‘I am Coda of White Mountain! Son of Thaif the fisherman and

Ola the teacher. Today I am a man! I have slain my enemy and

avenged my father. I have defended my mother’s dignity and

survived in mortal combat. To all who hear me this day…

I am Coda…a man…of White Mountain!’

The first book of the science fiction trilogy that chronicles the journey of Coda, the naturally born son of clones, against the backdrop of an alternate space of ninety nine Universes and twelve realms of life.

Captain John Masters and his crew are summoned to investigate an alien craft discovered on the edge of the Othaxal Cloud. An alien is found on board, frozen in ice. Who is he and where does he come from? What is the story of his life and how will his discovery impact on those around him? As the saga unfolds we are taken back three and a half thousand years on a journey of love, hate, revenge, slavery, racism and spiritual growth. These are the forces that hammer Coda into the very special being he finally becomes.

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